AMTT Digital Service Hotel New Life

“AMTT Digital” is made up by AMTT Century, AMTT Net, AMTT Smart Control and Shenzhen Veeker, and the full names of the companies respectively are AMTT Century (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd, AMTT Veeker (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd, AMTT Century (Shenzhen) Smart Control Technology Co., Ltd, and AMTT Veeker Customer Service (Shenzhen) electronic commerce Co., Ltd, etc.

We provide services for

3,000 otel clients in the whole world.

Our products and services are applied to over

1,000,000 hotel rooms in China.

We serve over

300,000,000 customers annually.

In 2006 AMTT Digital officially launched the Chinese hotel smart room investment operations related business and business model. With strong R & D strength, advanced technology, efficient integration of the elite team and deep industry accumulation, we quickly occupied the hotel industry market intelligence service; while relying on independent innovation InnFOR Anymode core technology to create the world's leading full HD hotel Rooms interactive information service operating platform, and quickly served a number of internationally renowned international hotel management group broadband, Wi-Fi network management service operators, room interactive television systems, intelligent control and other products as the licensed rooms supplier.

AMTT Digital has RCU related patents, RCU® trademark and RCU LANGUAGE® trademark and other intellectual property rights, technical information and RCU bottom case mold and other assets. As the world's exclusive independent programming patents for inventions "An Quan Smart Control" RCU IPR full integration "AMTT" operations, the more filling the AMTT Hotel wisdom rooms solutions overall architecture, making AMTT advocated by the "star hotel wisdom Room "concept to have a near perfect interpretation.

AMTT Digital’s headquarter is located in Beijing, and wholly-owned subsidiaries and branches in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guilin, Zhuhai, and also in Guangzhou, Sanya,, Chongqing, Chengdu, Wuhan and other cities with more than 20 offices. Taking into account the hotel offers the most sophisticated and high-quality customer service, AMTT especially established two service bases in Shanghai and Guilin, that are on standby 24 hours a day 7 days a week to provide our customers with an immediate response.

Every day in China, there are more than one million hotel guests who use the AMTT Digital provided products and operational services; at the same time, AMTT Digital provides hotel digital services overall solution for over 30 multinational hotel management groups including Marriott, Intercontinental, Accor, Shangri-La, Wyndham, Starwood, Hilton, etc., as the certified supplier for the products and services.

The open and extensible hotel O2O intelligent ecosystem set up by AMTT serves hotel new life base on the existing complete functions and excellent operations with an efficient, forward-looking, unique strategic value. AMTT also started comprehensively the China hotel industry O2O hotel eco-smart operating platform with the absolute advantage of business models and services invested and operated by AMTT.

AMTT Digital is standing at the front-end of global hotel eco-smart operating services, and making continuous efforts on the perfect integration of “Technology and Art” in order to build the hotel intelligent ecology.

● AMTT hotel integrated network solutions

AMTT eFlow HSIA hotel network access and management system

Ruckus Wireless Solutions | Cisco / HP Data Products

Network printing system

● AMTT intelligent multimedia solutions

AMTT innFOR HD-ISTV hotel HD two-way interactive digital television system

AMTT hotel high SD digital front-end system


● AMTT-AnQuan smart room control solutions

AMTT RCU smart room control system

AMTT intelligent control panel terminal

AMTT APP interactive applications

● AMTT service center

AMTT operational monitoring and management platform | AMTT multi language call center system

AMTT on-site service | AMTT in store service

AMTT task tracking service system | Service analysis reporting system

● AMTT Micro Service (Wechat Port + APP)

Hotel customized column | Hotel information

In store service | Room reservation

Meeting / Wedding | Hotel car

● Platform operators column

Local specialties | leisure games | micro film

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